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Lots and lots of icons!

If there is anything more adorable on this earth than the red panda, I have yet to see it. :)


1-7 Peaches
8-20 Red Pandas
21-24 Sarah Slean
25-57 A Softer World
58-66 The Bugle
67-85 Text only

So hard, when anger's never felt so good and beauty's only all I want to seeCollapse )

20 Text Only


33 A Softer World icons

Here are some A Softer World icons for your enjoyment. I apologize for the quality of the text on some of them but it's hard to shrink it down to icon size and still be readable. Voila!


There will always be people taunting me, laughing because I tower above them, a giant. Pointing with fingers that have never touched a cloud.Collapse )

Text only

I've been away for a while, visiting my sister, whom I rarely get to see since she moved to the other end of the country. *sigh*

To celebrate my return I have 20 text only icons. Enjoy!



Sheep go to heaven. Goats go to hell.Collapse )


1-11 28 Days
12-22 Mary Magdalene
23-29 Canadian music (Sarah Slean, Sarah Harmer, Hawksley Workman)
30-34 United States of Tara
35-37 Okami
38-39 Black Books
40-42 Misc


Toughest of the tough but still a ladyCollapse )

A Softer World, Text, Stock